HR311 Organizational Behavior: 1 Day, 2 Company Visits, 3 Learning Points

>> Krungthai-AXA Life Insurance Plc. and TikTok Thailand



On April 26, 2024 a group of the BBA students enrolling in the course of Organizational Behavior, instructed by Asst. Prof. Dr. Somboon Kulvisaechana, took two field trips to Krungthai-AXA Life Insurance Plc. in the morning and TikTok Thailand in the afternoon, respectively.  This was particularly the highlight of the course which allowed us to learn on how to bring theory to life through corporate visitations.  Managing human behaviors at work is no longer taken for granted, yet literally becoming an integral part of organizational success / growth.  After listening to the inspiring talks of Mrs. Sally O’Hara, CEO - Southeast Asia and Korea, and Khun Bubphawadee Owararinth (TU Alumna), Chief People and Brand & Communication, both of whom are from Krungthai-AXA, and Khun Thitichaya Watcharinporn (TU Alumna), Scaled Education & Community Manager from TikTok Thailand, we have come up with three key learning points that are worth sharing with the BBA fellows, especially those who are a few steps closer to the corporate world.    




First, leadership is not about power, but it is how to "empower" ourselves and others to reach our/their full potential in order to grow both personally and professionally.  Second, people’s well-being is not just a buzzword, but it is a "mindset" of the leader that embodies the compelling spirit of diversity and innovative skills in talents.  And lastly corporate culture is not simply a form of rhetoric being disseminated throughout the organization, but it is how to "make the rhetoric walk off the wall" and constructively amplify it in alignment with customer expectations. 


All in all, the insurance industry is not boring and uninspiring as it seems.  And the e-commerce competition remains incredibly fierce, if not intensified.  Both industries strongly focus on acquiring, developing and retaining the top talents (a.k.a. future leaders / game changers / impact makers) with an aim to outperforming the competitor in no time.  Finally, by taking this course, we have broadened our horizons toward the fact that organizational success / growth lies in the hands of the leader who plays an imperative role in shaping and reshaping the organizational structure, culture & climate and work system that enable and engage the high-impact talents to transform & perform at their best.  HR311 has prepared us to be future-ready and to stay ahead of the game when it comes to the art of working with people in the real-life work environments.


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