It was my pleasure to get the opportunity to attend a company visit  at Siam Piwat held at Icon Siam  on 15 march 2024. It was such a great experience to meet and discuss with the talented staff. In the first session, we got to view an amazing presentation about Siam Piwat history and strategies. We were surprised by the amount of benefits generated from the  establishment of IconSiam to the country, work force and neighbors nearby in the same area. We gained a deeper insight of luxury management and how the company differentiated itself from others and maintained its core value. From the presentation, I found that the 4 main strategies Siam Piwat implemented to distinguish itself and maintain the top rank in the industry are very interesting, including sharing economy, collaboration to win, co-creation and sustainable growth for all.


Moving on to the second session which is to walk through and visit different parts of Icon Siam. I love this session the most because I enjoy exploring lots of different stores. Each store has its own unique style and there are a considerable number of stores representing Thai traditions and culture. I like how IconSiam manages and allocates each floor and location. Every location, shop, store allocation and decoration has a story and how it was inspired. I can see the sophistication and detail in every piece built or placed at IconSiam. This has proven to me that what I heard from the last session was all true.  IconSiam really delivers such a high end and exclusive vision and experience to the customer, which makes IconSiam embedded into numerous people's hearts.


Written by Switta Dokangkab #BBA31




SIAM PIWAT CO., LTD. hosted an in-company visit at IconSiam inviting BBA Thammasat University to participated previously. With numerous famous check-in points, ICONSIAM, considered "The Iconic Attraction," has proudly arosed as a true global destination where travelers from all over the world can enjoy the amazing traditions and cultures of Thailand.  

Meeting with Iconsiam staff members was a pleasure, as they shared information about their vision, mission, and core principles as well as the organization's business strategies and business development to create a dynamic and inclusive destination that leaves a positive impact on both visitors and the community.

In the face of immense challenges brought on by the COVID-19 epidemic, SIAM PIWAT has shown outstanding adaptation and resilience. It was quite encouraging to see how adaptable they were in the face of difficulty; it was evidence of their constant determination and devotion to enduring the storm with dignity and courage.

Following the talking session with staff members is a walking tour of Iconsiam. Sightseeing of Iconsiam's design is a perfect blend of modern architecture and rich Thai tradition and culture, attracting tourists with complex details and symbolic elements. The elaborate Thai patterns on the walls and ceilings give witness to the nation's aesthetic legacy as soon as one steps inside. While traditional elements like lotus designs and golden accents generate a sense of peace and richness, the use of natural materials like wood and stone pays homage to Thailand's natural settings. IconSiam's modern settings for shopping, entertainment, and leisure activities blend perfectly with the strong cultural tapestry of Thailand, giving guests a taste of the country's unique atmosphere in every corner.

In conclusion, every aspect of this is truly amazing, including the shopping experience, featuring both luxury and street brands that demonstrate the beauty of Thai culture, as well as the art, performances, lifestyle, cuisine, and transportation.

Written by Suraphan Charoenrungwitthaya, BBA#31