The Winner of 2023-2024 CFA Institute Research Challenge in Thailand


Big congratulations to BBA Thammasat for winning the 2023-2024 CFA Institute Research Challenge in Thailand! 


The CFA Institute Research Challenge, held annually on a global scale, provides university students with practical guidance and in-depth training in financial analysis and ethics. It serves as an excellent platform for students to enhance their analytical, valuation, report writing, and presentation skills while immersing themselves in the role of a research analyst. This hands-on experience equips them with valuable real-world insights, laying a strong foundation for their future in the field of finance.


The team consists of 4th-year students from BBA batch 29, including:
1. Manassaya Ploynumpol (President of BIS)
2. Theeramet Luppayaporn (Head Education of BIS)
3. Sansnae Muneeganont (Head Education of BIS)
4. Intouch Mahaphan (BIS Education Committee)
5. Bunburit Kittirattanakhun
And Dr. Worapong Janyangyuen as the team’s advisor.


We eagerly anticipate your representation of Thailand in the upcoming regional round. Best of luck!