I recently had the privilege of attending the BBA Accounting Boot Camp 2024 held in Amphawa alongside my senior peers and the junior and sophomore accounting majors. Organized as a weekend getaway, this event not only provided a refreshing change of scenery but also delivered invaluable insights into the realm of accounting through workshops held in cooperation between BBA Thammasat and the Big4 companies, consisting of KPMG, PwC, Deloitte, and EY.


KPMG kicked off the boot camp by delving into soft skills and teamwork. Their workshop emphasized the importance of effective communication and collaboration, resulting in an interactive session that fostered an environment that encouraged active participation and connecting.


PwC took a different approach, shedding light on the reality of accounting, where accountants may need to work without full resources and how to overcome and excel in demanding situations. Moreover, the company provided insight on aligning personal skills with career aspirations and built a roadmap to shape their professional journey proactively.


Deloitte's workshop was particularly enlightening, providing a comprehensive roadmap for applying to and securing jobs after graduation. This session was invaluable for students, offering practical advice on building your professional image and acing interviews.


EY, known for innovation, conducted a session on problem-solving. This interactive seminar equipped students with the essential skills and frameworks to tackle challenges and find creative solutions, a crucial aspect of thriving in the dynamic accounting world.


The highlight of the boot camp was undoubtedly the alumni networking session, where professionals within the auditing and financial advisory sectors shared their experiences and addressed the concerns of accounting students. The insights provided by these accomplished alumni offered a unique perspective, bridging the gap between academic knowledge and the practical nuances of the professional world.


In conclusion, the BBA Accounting Boot Camp 2024 was a truly transformative experience. It went beyond the confines of traditional education, providing practical insights, industry connections, and a holistic understanding of the accounting profession. Furthermore, the boot camp allowed me to deepen connections with alumni, fellow peers and underclassmen, and the BBA officers, strengthening the BBA Family bond. Lastly, I, on behalf of the accounting students, want to thank all organizers and contributors for orchestrating a remarkable boot camp and hope to return as an alumnus to provide the same experience to the next generation of accounting students.


Written by Polaputt Tongnaka, BBA #29


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