BBA Finance & Marketing Boot Camp 2024




Participating in the Finance Bootcamp was an incredibly transformative experience that exceeded all expectations. The event began with a refreshing twist as we were taken to a water park on the first day, allowing us to break the ice and forge meaningful connections with fellow students from various academic years. This laid the foundation for a supportive and collaborative environment throughout the bootcamp.


The second day was packed with enriching sessions, starting with an insightful exploration of cryptocurrency led by Khun Chumpol Wongmatikul, the Owner of BitToon Facebook Page. His deep dive into the mechanics of crypto and discussions about the future of Bitcoin and career opportunities in the field left us all inspired and intrigued. Following this, EY Thailand provided a stimulating problem-solving session, challenging us to think critically and propose innovative solutions to complex issues. This practical exercise not only honed our analytical skills but also fostered teamwork and collaboration among participants.


Undoubtedly, one of the most memorable aspects of the bootcamp was the opportunity to engage with alumni directly. Their firsthand experiences and candid advice regarding career decisions were invaluable, particularly for fourth-year students on the brink of entering the professional world. The strong network and connections within the BBA Thammasat community, spanning from entrepreneurs to seasoned corporate professionals, provided invaluable insights and guidance.


The culmination of the bootcamp was the CEO inspiration talk delivered by Khun Piyasak Ukritnukun from Ngern Tid Lor PCL. His journey from a fresh graduate to a successful CEO, punctuated with anecdotes and lessons learned along the way, left a lasting impression on all attendees. His emphasis on the importance of reading and continuous learning resonated deeply, highlighting the significance of personal growth and development in achieving success.


In conclusion, the Finance Bootcamp was a holistic experience that not only provided invaluable insights into the finance industry but also facilitated personal growth and strengthened connections within the BBA Thammasat community. It served as a catalyst for inspiration, learning, and networking, leaving us all motivated and better equipped to navigate our future careers in finance.


Written by Sansnae Muneeganont, BBA #29




After the extended pause due to Covid-19, the BBA Bootcamp has been reinstated, this time taking place in Pattaya and attracting students ranging from sophomores to seniors majoring in finance and marketing. The objective of this event is to offer valuable insights into future career paths for students across different majors and foster a sense of community among BBA students. 


The bootcamp commenced with engaging team-building activities at Columbia Picture Aquaverse, facilitating interactions among students from diverse majors.  

On day 2, the program delved into finance-related topics, with Khun Chumpol, the owner of the BitToon FB page, discussing the future of investments, including the historical perspective on money and the emerging trends in cryptocurrency. In the afternoon, EY conducted a Problem-Solving Workshop using the fishbone diagram framework, which proved highly beneficial for addressing business challenges. 


 A particularly valuable session, from my perspective, was the Alumni Career Discussions Experience Sharing, which provided enlightening insights into career progression. This session underscored the significance of the BBA community and the interconnectedness within this network. 


In summary, the BBA Finance and Marketing Boot Camp 2024 was a remarkable experience that exceeded expectations. I am grateful for the contributions from the BBA office, alumni, professors, and other stakeholders. The bootcamp has become a cherished memory of my time in the BBA program.


Written by Supawech Sangtrakool, BBA #30






On 29-31 March, I have an opportunity to join FN-MK boost camp holding by BBA at pattaya with my friends and seniors. This camp provided a new experience of study at this university which is not only academic, but also guidance for our career path and up-to-date information in business world that BBA program invited alumni to share experiences, guru in modern finance like introduction of bitcoins and EY, big 4 of accounting company, stimulate problem solving activity for participants.


Throughout this event, I have received all emotion from this camp since the first day that we went to water park at Columbia Picture Aquaverse. The staff have prepared many enjoyable games for us including our professors and BBA staff. We had a great and fun time during this first plan.


On the second day, the camp became more academic since we started with future investments  like the introduction of cryptocurrency by BitToon Facebook page. I have learned the insight of why bitcoin was created, why it is necessary including other products within cryptocurrencies. In the afternoon session, I attended the problem solving workshop held by EY where I can learn the process of thinking how to solve problems by using the fishbone diagram framework. This allowed me to think step by step starting from causes to solutions. Lastly, at night time, the most special event of the day, where many alumni from different graduate years gather and share their experiences in terms of career path, success in business or working, mindset and so on, to us which can’t be found anywhere else.


On the last day, it is a pleasure to attend the last session in the morning which is CEO inspiration talk by P’ Nhoom who is a CEO of Ngern Tid Lor PCL. This session is invaluable as I can gain the way of thinking like a CEO, provide advise of life in various aspects that I never notice and inspire me to set goals in life.


Eventually, I didn’t expect anything before this camp, however, when I got back from this camp, it brought me many benefits not only academic knowledge and enjoyable moments with friends and seniors and skill set, but also guidance of my future, inspiration and a wider mindset.


Written by Somjainuk Hanpaiboonsuk, BBA #31