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Winner of PepsiCo Change The Game Challenge 2017 (Asia Pacific Region)

Written by Siraphat Phattarabenjapol, BBA #25 and
Pattaraporn Sapamnuayporn BBA #25
PepsiCo Change The Game Challenge is the new challenge to figure the solutions for the new market trends. In this year, the mission is to start your own health and nutrition business in the food and beverages space.
The contest consist with 3 main stages to pass. First, we face with the elevator pitch and business case. We produce the video showing our main concept of the new business and after short-listed in the first round, we were asked to submit the business case by proving the feasibility and value of our project.
After we show our business idea to the judge, it is now the time to present our idea to the panel. The second stage is called the regional semi final. We went to PepsiCo office at the Emporium tower along with other teams from Thailand to showcase our creation in the health and nutrition business. The judges are the one who specialise in the industry who listening to us and ask for rationale in our presentation.
Our ideas are able to portray the judge our creativity to change the game and we pass to the final stage or the sector finals where only Top 10 teams from the APAC compete for the space to go to challenge in the grand finals. We were present not only for judges in Thailand but also judges from the region who understand the industry.
Finally, we passed the last round and became the winner of the APAC region who will represent the region at the grand challenge at Dubai to win a chance to meet the PepsiCo global CEO in New York.
We believe that what make us far are the creativity to bring our own color as best friend to create product that new to the market. 
Now, we are in our preparation to be ready for the last round. We would like to thanks all of the staff from PepsiCo who spend times and effort for us as well as BBA program who willingly support us, the students to receive this big opportunity. Thanks you

Posted date:  November 21, 2017 by Sochaya T.