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PTT Seeding The Future ASEAN Camp 2017

Written By Variya Siriwatananukul, BBA #23
PTT, Thailand’s leading energy company, visited BBA to give an information session about “PTT seeding the future ASEAN Camp 2017”. PTT has seen the potential in us as young adult who will graduate to cherish the nation in the future like the seed that will grow to become big tree in the future. This year is the third year that camp had been organized. The camp opens for undergraduate students studied in any faculty in Thailand who looking forward to make new friends, learn about new cultures, share some experience and gain knowledge in petroleum and business management. Student who joined this camp will have chance to learn from  professional business expert, do  business workshop as well as visit several PTT’s sites such as  PTT Oil Business Academy, Amazon Roastery, PTT’s Research and Technology, PTT Rayong Gas Separation Plant. Besides this, the camp also provides great opportunity for students to create valuable network of friends in ASEAN countries where PPT’s factory has located including; Lao PDR, Myanmar, Philippines, and Cambodia which will be developed into a PTT staff network in the future.
The last day to apply to get once in a life time exceptional experience is the 6th October 2017. Interested students form a team of two and create 3-minutes VDO clip with both members and upload on Facebook fan page. For more information, please visit “PTTSeedingTheFuture” Facebook page.
Posted date:  November 20, 2017 by Sochaya T.