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BBA Alumni Talk #1 "From Million to Billion" by Khun Kulapat Kanokwatanawa (May - Afteryou)

Written by Pitikarn  Suriyamongkol, BBA#22
Araya Thongteeraparp, BBA#23
Young people want to start their own business someday but doing business is never easy. That's why BBA Thammasat invited Khun Kulapat Kanokwatanawan or PMay, the founder of After You Dessert café and one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Thailand who is also our very own BBA alumna (BBA#9) to share her experiences and advice to BBA students in this very first BBA Alumni Talk #1: from Million to billion. The purpose of this session is to give current students exposure to successful alumna and inspire them to pursue their own entrepreneurial dream.
Khun May's passion for baking sweet desserts ever since she was young is clearly the main driver for her great success. Though, the success today does not come easy and Khun May have told all of us about her ups and downs time in the business world.

After You Dessert café was not the first initiative of Khun May as her family was not confidence about the idea of opening this type of hot plated dessert café, as it didnt exist before in Thailand. However, this did not hinder Khun May from pursuing her dream of opening a dessert café. She has proved her strong passion towards baking desserts and business; in many ways ranging from publishing her own series dessert cookbooks, developing recipes, to failing to run a seafood restaurant, which owned by her family. Eventually, Khun Mays family gave her two million baht to start After You Dessert café, which shortly gained popularity and became the top- of- mind desserts café, especially among teenagers.    
After You Dessert café success came purely from Khun May passion towards baking and her business knowledge, which help she runs the café. She told us that it is important to not to be scared of failure as at the end of the day, we all learn from our mistakes. More importantly, never be scared of starting or doing something new that deviated from what others are doing; being a pioneer is such a reward.  
From this session, On behalf of the BBA Thammasat students, we would like to thank Khun Kulapat Kanokwatanawan for such an inspiring session and BBA International program who make this event possible.
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Posted on May 26, 2017 by Sirakalya A.