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Bhumibol Scholarship Recipient (Gold medal in Accounting Major)

Written By Ravisara Grover, BBA #22
Most people say it's not possible to achieve success in both extracurriculars and academics in university. They always say, you have to choose one or the other. I, however, have a different opinion. Unlike most people who believe these 2 things are complete opposites, I like to view them as mutually beneficial.
A huge part of my university life was dedicated to extracurricular activities such as case competitions where I was both a competitor and an organizer. The skills garnered from these extracurriculars that ranges from problem solving, public speaking, and storytelling provided the foundation for me excel in class. Class room knowledge such as understanding the company's financial position or market landscape also contributed to my case cracking skillset.
As a delighted receipient of this award, I would like to highlight that striving in academics is not always about being in the library or late night studying. To me, the balance between academic rigor alongside extracurricular opportunities paired with personal time to relax is the key. Being balanced means prioritizing your time for the things that matter. To be frank, I usually find myself watching a movie right before an exam or enjoying a nice meal after one - completely stress free. This I would say, is the recipe to balanced and successful university life.
The Bhumibol Scholarship is truly a great honor, but funny enough, receiving it never crossed my mind when I first entered Thammsat. But, because of the encouragement and support from my parents, professors, and peers, I’m writing this article today. I just want to say thank you to you all. You are the people behind my success.

Posted date:  December 12, 2017 by Sochaya T