John Molson Undergraduate case competition 2021

Written by Nueaprae Doungsri (Nueaprae) BBA #27


John Molson Undergraduate case competition is the largest international undergraduate case competition organized by the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University. We can truly agree that this case competition extends far beyond any ordinary competition, with a weeklong event, consists of multiple levels of challenges in both short and long cases. Thammasat Business School was invited to be a part of JMUCC2021 with other 28 undergraduate business school from over the world. Our team comprising of four BBA students: Kanlyaruk Tantisirivat (Nat BBA#26), Nichamon Pananurak (Luktan BBA#26), Nueaprae Doungsri (Nueaprae BBA#27), Arnon Ariyawatkul (Palm BBA#27). Even though, the entire competition was conducted virtually, that did not make the competition less challenge since our team was requested to solve 3 cases; 3-hr, 5-hr, 24-hr long, throughout the week without physical meeting due to the competition?s policy.


JMUCC 2021 has given our team with the most innovative cases throughout the competition. With this, it?s even more challenge to expose our idea with a technology-integration solution, seek for the brightest opportunities during the darkest time from pandemic crisis for all businesses and even more challenge to summarize and complete all presentation within limited of time. Therefore, it's not exaggerate to state that this competition leaving us with an experience that can be describe as a ?life-changing? experience.


After a month of dedication, practices, researches and hard work, our team has finished with the second place of the division. However, what?s is more valuable to mention is not only the success we have accomplished, but also the journey that our team have embarked on this pathway together, the new skills we learned, the time we shared, joy, happiness and excitement moment we created together.  Without one of us, this case journey could not come out successfully.


Nonetheless, the success would not be possible without support from everyone. Hence, as the representative of Thammasat university team, we would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to our advisors Ajarn Supawat Likittanawong and Dr. Worapong Janyanyuen for their coaching, and supervising, and to BBA Office for their supporting and facilitating our team throughout the competition. 


Posted on April 2, 2020