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The important rules and regulations of Thammasat University, Thammasat Business School, and BBA International Program are summarized below. 
The following enlists Thammasat Universitys important registration rules. 
* Registration for a new academic semester must be completed before the exam commences.
Students are allowed to register not more than 19 credits and not less than 9 credits in each semester.
*  Registration exceeding 19 credits (but not exceeding 21 credits) in one semester is only possible upon the below conditions:
  - Fourth-year students enrolling in their final semester before graduation.
  - Students who have completed at least 90 credits of coursework and obtained official approval from the Dean.
*  Registration below 9 credits in one semester is possible upon the below conditions:
  Under inevitable circumstances (i.e., illness or accident), the student can seek special approval from  the Dean.
  Fourth-year students enrolling in their final semester before graduation.
*  Students are not allowed to register more than 6 credits in a summer session.
*  Late registration is subject to the penalty fee of Baht 45 per day.
*  Students must check all prerequisite conditions before registration. Failure to complete prerequisite courses will result in seat cancellation or grade cancellation.
Additional Registration/Class Withdrawal:
*  Additional registration can be made within 14 days of a regular semester or within 7 days of a summer session by obtaining permission from the lecturer and from the advisor.
*  The courses withdrawn within 14 days from the first day of class in the regular semester or the first 7 days of the summer semester will not appear in a transcript.
*  If a student withdraws a course after the first 14 days but within the first 10 weeks of the regular semester or after the first 7 days but within the 4 weeks of the summer semester, the student will receive the W grade in that course.
*  If a student withdraws a course after the first 10 weeks of the class in the regular semester or after the first 4 weeks of the summer semester, the student will receive the W grade in that course.  There will be, under any circumstances, no request to be made for the W grade after the specified time period of course withdrawal.
*  Tuition from a withdrawal course will be 50% refunded.Any administrative mistake of course withdrawal, which is not caused by the student, will be subject to a full reimbursement.
Registration at the BE or BAS Programs:
Students wishing to enroll any courses offered by either the BE or the BAS programs have to follow the instruction below:
*  Submit the request form specifying the course titles for which the students wish to take to the BBA office. The request form is available at the BBA website: Student /Downloadable Forms.  The BBA International Program will forward their request to the BE and BAS programs for approval, accordingly.
*  Check the list of the students who are eligible to register at the BBA website.
*  Pay the tuition fees for the courses for which you register.
  For BE registration, please make a cashiers check payable to  BE International Program
 For BAS registration, please make a cashiers check payable to British and American Studies Programme
*  Submit the add-drop cards (Blue Card) and cashiers check to the BBA office.
*  Students are not allowed to register for course under Bachelor of Accounting and Bachelor of Business Administration curriculums at other programs. Students have to fill out a request form at the BBA office.
Other courses can be registered with the BE or BAS Programs via filing a request form at the BBA office.
Academic Status:
*   The university will assess every students record for every semester.  A student must maintain a GPA of no less than 2.00; otherwise, a warning 1 or warning 2 or a probation status will be given in the beginning of the following semester.
*  In the first semester of study, a student who receives GPA less than 1.5 will receive a special warning from the university, which is not considered as warning 1.
*  A student must maintain a GPA of no less than 1.5 at the end of the first two semesters. A student who fails to meet this requirement will be expelled.
*  If a student receives warning for 2 consecutive semesters and still has a GPA less than 2.00, the student will be in probation status in the following semester. The probation status will be recorded on the transcript.
*  After receiving a probation status, the student must maintain a GPA of no less than 2.00.  A student who fails to meet this requirement will be expelled from the university.
*  If a student has taken all the courses in the chosen field of study as specified in the curriculum and receives a GPA less than 2.00 but greater than 1.80, the university will allow the student to continue study for a reasonable time.  However, the student must achieve a GPA of 2.00 within the next 3 semesters but no more than 7 academic years.
Leave of Absence:
The Dean must approve a leave of absence for a semester, but students cannot request such a leave in the first two semesters after enrollment in the university, unless special approval from the rector is received.  A leave of absence cannot exceed two consecutive semesters, not including summer.  The student must pay a fee in order to maintain his/her student status during the leave of absence.
Methods of evaluation of students performance may include term papers and exercises, quizzes, mid-term and final examination, as well as group projects.
       Eight levels of grades are given:
* In some cases either the grade S (Satisfactory) or U (Unsatisfactory) may be given.  These grades have no points and the credits earned are not included in the calculation of the grade point average.
*  Students wishing to be exempted from certain courses may take an equivalence examination and receive EXE (Exempted) in case those credits are not counted toward the degree or ACC (Accreditation) in case those credits are counted.
*  The letters I (Incomplete) may be temporarily recorded for incomplete course work when circumstances beyond the control of the student are involved. Grade I must be removed within 80 days after the semester ends, and the grade given will be evaluated according to the existing course works, quizzes, and exam results.Grade I will not be given in cases of absence from examinations or late reports.
*  Students receiving grade D or above or grade S in any course may not register for that course again, unless specified in the curriculum.
*  The grade F is counted in the calculation of the semester grade point average, as well as in the cumulative grade point average.
*   Credits to be accumulated include only those of the courses receiving grade D and above, or S or ACC.  If a student registers for the same course twice, only the first one can be counted.
*  However, if the students receive either the F or the U grade on a compulsory course, they must retake that course until the specified minimum grade requirement is fulfilled.   If the students receive either the F or the U grade on an elective course, they must retake that course or replace that with any other elective course.
*  Student failing to turn up for examinations for unavoidable reasons must provide evidence to the lecturer and the academic advisor.  If justified, the Dean may approve a grade of W (Withdrawal) for the course within 10 days from the examination date.  If a W is not approved, the grade for the course will be based only on the students performance during the semester.
*  Students wishing to audit a course without being evaluated must receive permission from the lecturer and the academic advisor.  No grades will be given and no credits will be earned, but the abbreviation AUD (Audit) will appear in the students record for such a course, provided that the student fulfills all the requirements set by the lecturer for audit students.  The credits of audited courses will be included in the maximum credits allowed for registration in each semester, but not included in the minimum credits, and not counted in cumulative credits.  Changes from auditing to taking the course for evaluation must be done within 14 days of the beginning of the regular semester.  Students may not register for evaluation in courses previously audited.
*  Students are required to maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.00.  A student whose cumulative grade point average falls below 2.00 in any semester will receive a warning.  After a warning is received for two consecutive semesters and the cumulative grade point average is still below 2.00, the student will be placed on probation in the following semester.  If the cumulative grade point average is still below 2.00 after one semester on probation, the student will be dismissed from the university.
*  Students with a grade point average below 1.50 for the first semester after enrollment in the university will receive a special warning, and will be dismissed from the university if the cumulative grade point average after completion of the second semester is still below 1.50.
Graduation Requirements:
To be qualified for graduation, a student must complete all the course requirements in the chosen field of study with a minimum GPA of 2.00. The student must also spend at least 7 regular semesters studying.
*  Students who have been with the university for at least 6 regular semesters, and who have been exempted from taking some courses or have been able to transfer some credits, may be specially considered for graduation by the chancellor of the university.
Graduation with Honors:
First Class Honors are awarded to students who meet the following requirements:         
*  Completed all the study requirements for graduation within 4 years.
*  Have cumulative GPA not less than 3.50
*  Not receive an unsatisfactory (U) or a grade lower than C in any courses.
*  Not repeat study for any course.
Second Class Honors are awarded to students who meet the following requirements:
*  Completed all the study all the requirements for graduation within 4 years.
*  Have cumulative GPA not less than 3.50.
*  Receive cumulative for major courses not less than 2.00.
*  Not repeat study or receive failing (F) or receive unsatisfactory (U) for any course.
    or to students who meet the following  requirements:
Completed all the study all the requirements for graduation within 4 years.
*  Have cumulative GPA not less than 3.25.
*  Not receive a grade lower than C for any major courses.
*  Not repeat study or receive failing (F) or receive unsatisfactory (U) for any course.
Graduation Request:
Students who expect to complete the graduation requirements in the current semester must follow the process for graduation request as described below:
*  Visit the website and download an academic transcript and fill in the required information on the Internet.
*  Print the form you have filled out in internet and bring to BBA officer for verification.
*  Obtain and verify a Request for Graduation Form (available at the BBA office).
*  Students must send a completed Request for Graduation Form and official transcript to the BBA office within the 14th day of regular semester or the 7th day of summer semester.  The request must be approved by the University council.
Graduation Registration Online:
Graduation registration online service for students graduating in each academic year will be available from second semester of Academic Year 2009 onwards. Graduating students can follow steps below to access and complete graduation status:   
Graduating students have to log in to system by entering student ID No. and TU Access Password.  It will have menu shown up on left hand side if graduation status is approved by University Council. 
Click graduation registration menu, student personal information will be appeared. Graduates can correct and edit in the parts of their present address and work places. After that, complete all necessary information and follow what is said on computer screen. Finally, select channels to receive the documents which students can choose either pick up in person or by postal mail service. 
Print payment form and pay graduation registration fees at indicated banks (without paying registration fees, their graduate status will not be completed). 
The manual on graduation registration online system can be downloaded from under the heading section called 稡֡.  
Dress Code:
BBA International Program kindly requests your cooperation to improve the image of the BBA Program by complying with the BBA dress code regulations as follows:
All BBA students are required to wear the Thammasat students uniform to attend classes,  regardless of class attendance being stipulated as a condition;
BBA students participating in any university activities, such as orientations, short lectures and career talks, are required to wear the Thammasat students uniform or BBA T-shirt;
BBA students attending classes held over the weekend are required to wear the BBA T-shirt and polite dress (No T-shirts, tank tops, shorts, hip-hop pants, flip-flops, sandals, etc.)
*  Wearing (too) casual or impolite attire is considered violating the Universitys dress code. 
The BBA Office reserves the right to provide no services to the BBA students violating the dress code policy.
*  The students must attend at least 70% of the total class time to be eligible to take the final exam.  The BBA officers will check the attendance for every class.  Students are required to sign the attendance sheet before the class time.
Students must wear the uniform to all classes, otherwise, your presence would not be considered.
*  Being late for less than 15 minutes would be considered as Present.
*  Being late for more than 15 minutes but less than 30 minutes would be considered as Late. Therefore, one late class is equivalent to 30-minute absence.
*  Being late for more than 30 minutes would be considered as Absent. Therefore, one absent is equivalent actual class time i.e. 1.5-hour absence for 1.5-hour session or 3-hour absence for 3-hour session.
*  There will be no attendance check during the first two weeks of each semester. (add-drop period.) 
*   If students are to attend academic-related activities (e.g. case competition), his/her absence from classes will be excused.  However, each student is required to submit a formal notice prior to the participation of such events.  
*  If students cannot attend the make-up classes, they are required to submit a formal notice prior to the make-up classes.  Otherwise, they will not be excused from their absence.  The reasons for absence, however, must be acceptable to the BBA International Program. 
*  If the make-up class coincides with the students other classes, the students absence will not be counted.  Please inform the BBA staff prior to your absence. 
*   Absence due to flood or heavy rain will be counted as a normal absence. 
*   Personal absence and absence because of physical problems will be counted as a normal absence.
*   Students who miss more than 13 hours of class but less than 22 hours must seek instructors approval for eligibility to take the final exams and approval by the dean.  The deans decision is considered final.
*  Students who miss more than 22 hours of class are NOT eligible to take the final exams and results in course failure.
*  Feigning other student signatures or failure to attend class after signing in results different level of penalty imposed.
Level 1 penalty: First time rule breakers will be considered as Absent for that actual class time. And a warning letter issued to first-time rule breakers.
Level 2 penalty: Second time rule breakers receive an F for the course and will not be considered for BBA scholarships, exchange student programs and other awards.
Level 3 penalty: Third-time rule breakers are given one semester of class suspension.
*  Cheating in any form of class exam or quiz or plagiarism is subject to the penalties based on Thammasat Universitys student compliance act.
Please read and strictly follow instructions below; otherwise, students may not be allowed to take exam or the act may be considered as exam misconduct.
Students must dress in proper student uniform and shoes.
*  Students must show their student ID. Card to the proctor before entering the exam room and must place their student ID. Card on the table.  If ID. Card is not available, the students must inform the BBA staff prior to the exam at least 1 hour.
The communication devices are not allowed (mobile phones, pagers, etc). Students should leave their personal belongings with the exam proctors to avoid loss. The students must place the aforementioned devices in the clear envelope provided by the Program.  The body search might be implemented to ensure that the students have no prohibited devices.  The students are allowed to enter the exam room 15 minutes prior to exam time because the body search procedure might take time. 
*  Students are not allowed to leave the exam room until the exam paper is completed. No rest break is allowed.  
*  Students are not allowed to take the exam if they are late for 30 minutes or more.
*  Things allowed in the exam.
   -  For open-book exam, texts, handouts, and notes are allowed.  However, the communication and  electronic devices (e.g. computers, iPad, talking dictionary, etc.)  are prohibited.  
   -   For closed-book exam, the following are allowed:
   -  Stationary: only pens, pencils and erasers are allowed.  No rulers and pencil cases are allowed; unless otherwise specify by the instructors.
     Dictionary (Only when specify by the instructors). 
   -  A calculator: BBA International Program requires the students to use the Texas Instrument: BA II  PLUS or simple calculators unless otherwise, specified by instructors.
*  The students must not borrow anything from other students; otherwise, such acts will be considered as exam misconduct.
*  The minimum penalty for exam misconduct is immediate failure (F) for that course plus 2 semesters of suspension from registration.
Please note that the Program announces the exam schedule in advance.  Therefore, no make-up exams will be offered for any reasons.
Student I.D. Card:
All BBA students have to present his/her student I.D. card before entering into the examination room.  Otherwise, he/she will not be allowed to sit for the examination.  Any student who does not bring his/her student I.D. card, please contact the BBA staff at least one hour before the examination starts to get the temporary card.  The temporary card will be charged at the following rates:
Card Color
1st  Time
50 Baht
2nd Time
100 Baht
3rd Time
150 Baht
4th Time
200 Baht
5th Time
250 Baht
Please be informed that the temporary card will be issued only 5 times throughout the study.  Any student who loses his/her student I.D. card needs to follow the below instruction:
       1. Report the loss at the police station
       2. Request for a new student I.D. card at Office of the Registrar, Thammasat University
       3. Contact the BBA staff for issuance of a temporary card
Note:  The BBA office will donate the fees to Social Service Project, and other volunteer activities of the BBA Students.
The BBA International Program implemented on-line registration system called Vision Net system of Office of The Registrar of Thammasat University.   The students must prepare themselves for the registration process and strictly follow the instructions below.
1.       Get Ready for On-line Registration
To utilize the on-line registration process, prior to the registration period, the students must have the following items:
(1) Student Identification card,
(2) Username and password for modem remote access (The passcodes have been delivered to all students),
(3) Bank account with Krung Thai Bank (KTB), Tha Tien branch, and
(4) Tuition fee deposited in the bank account.  Specifically, prior to registration period, the students must obtain aforementioned items (Passcode and Bank Account) by following these instructions:     
Password for modem remote access
The Program has delivered the passcodes to all students at the date of Thammasat Student Status Registration.  If the students forget the passcodes, ones must request for new set of username and password for the modem remote access from the Information Processing Institute for Education and Development, Multipurpose Building I, 4th Floor.           
Bank account with Krung Thai Bank
New students are required to open bank account with Krung Thai Bank.   If the students have not opened the account with Krung Thai Bank, ones must do so by themselves at Krung Thai Bank, Tha Tien branch.  Moreover, the student identification card must be linked to the bank account. 
Note that the on-line payment system is implemented.  The tuition fee will be deducted automatically from the bank account at the time the students register.  Thus, the students must calculate the total fee that must be paid and deposit enough cash in the account.
2.       Examine Course Offerings and Determine Tuition Fee
For each semester, students must enroll in various different set of courses depending on major areas or classes.  The courses taken in each semester may range from general basic courses, business core courses, major compulsory courses, or major elective courses.  In addition, the students may need to register in free elective courses or minor area courses to fulfill the graduation requirements.
The Program will assign seats to all students for general basic courses, business core courses, and major area courses.   Thus, there is no need for the students to request quota for those courses.   
The list of courses offered during each semester will be made available at the BBA website.  The tuition fee can also be calculated using the information that is available at BBA website.
3.       Declare or Change Selected Major Area, Minor Area (if any), and Double Major Area (if any)
The students must declare or confirm the selected major, minor, or double major areas via BBA website during the specified time period (Period I: April 16 - 30 / Period II: October 1 - 15) so that the selected areas are kept in the database.  The information will be used to assign the courses to be registered to each student.  If the students would like to change the major, minor, or double major areas later, ones must update the information in the database via the link in the BBA website.  Moreover, the written and signed petition request for change of major, minor, and double major must be sent to the BBA office.  The academic advisors approval is required. 
Note that students who decide to change the selected fields of study must acknowledge the risk of not graduating within the specified time period.  The Program will assign seats to those students based on the updated information.  The students, themselves, must check the prerequisite requirements and revise their study plan that might result from the change of field of study.  The students might not be able to register in some of the courses assigned by the Program because of prerequisite requirements.  In that case, the students must plan their study and find the course replacements.  The cross cohort request must be sent to request for the courses that are not assigned by the Program. 
4.       Course Quota Request for Free Elective Courses
After consulting with study plan, students who would like to register in free elective courses must request the quota for those courses in the BBA website.  The quota request system for free elective courses is a system used to allocate seats to students who would like to register in free elective courses under First-come, First-serve basis.  
The list of free elective courses will be available at BBA website before the registration period.
After completing the quota request procedures, the Program will forward the results to the Office of the Registrar.  The students can later register in the requested course(s) via Vision Net system.   
5.       Cross Cohort Requests
For the students who would like to register in minor courses (if any), double major courses (if any) or courses offered for other groups of students due to the fact that they drop W from the course, get an F, or need to re-grade the course, the students must specify the reasons for the request and file the petition on-line via cross cohort request system. 
The time period for cross cohort request will be scheduled before the registration period.  The result of cross cohort request will be announced later in the BBA website. 
After receiving the petition, the BBA Program will allocate the seats to the students whose reasons are valid.  The results will, again, be forwarded to The Office of the Registrar for the records.  The students can then register for all the courses via Vision Net system.  
6.         Register for courses via Vision Net system and On-line Payment via Krung Thai Banking System
The students must register on-line at during specified time period and make the tuition payment on-line during the same period. 
The students must determine the tuition fee that must be paid from the given information and deposit the required amount in the bank account.  The student must enter the webpage of on-line payment system after registering for the courses in the Vision Net System and log-in using the login name and password given by Krung Thai Bank.  If there is insufficient fund in the bank account, the registration made will be voided.  The payment period is identical to the pre-registration period.
7.       Late Registration and Tuition Payment
The students who fail to register the courses or make the tuition payment during the pre-registration period must do so during the late registration period at  The Program scheduled the late registration period during the specified time period.  During this period, the courses assigned will still be there for the students to register; however, after this period, the quota assigned will be cancelled.  The tuition must be paid in an on-line payment system right after the courses registration.  The fine of 45 per day will be collected. 
8.       Add-Drop Period and Tuition Payment
Add-Drop Period will be scheduled and announced.   If there are seats available, the students may register in the courses at  Please note that First-Come, First-Serve basis is applied.   Again, the additional tuition fee (if any) must be paid in an on-line payment system during the aforementioned period. 
Academic Advisor:
Student ID. No.
6202640014 6202640402
Prof. Dr. Noppadol Rompho
6202640410 6202640808
Asst. Prof. Akekarin Yolrabil
6202640816 6202641202
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Monvika Phadoongsitthi
6202641210 6202820152
Asst. Prof. Dr. Surat Teerakapibal
Student ID. No.
6102640015 6102640452
Asst. Prof. Dr. Orapan Yolrabil
6102640460 6102640916
Asst. Prof. Somchai Supphatada
6102640924 6102641351
Asst. Prof. Dr. Suntichai Kotcharin
6102641369 6202820047
Ajarn Krit Pattamaroj
Student ID. No.
6002640016 6002640420
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pantisa Pavabutr
6002640438 6002640842
Asst. Prof. Dr. Kulaya Jantadej
6002640859 6002641253
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aurathai Lertwannawit
6002641261 6002641667
Dr. Worapong Janyangyuen
Student ID. No.
5902640019 5902640407
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kritsadarat Wattanasuwan
5902640415 5902640803
Asst. Prof. Dr. Somboon Kulvisaechana
5902640811 5902641207
Asst. Prof. Obrom Chaowalerd
Student ID. No.
5802640010 5802640358
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ekkachidd Chungcharoen
5802640366 5802640705
Asst. Prof. Akekarin Yolrabil
5802640713 5802641059
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nopadol Romphol
5802641067 5802641406
Asst. Prof. Dr. Nopporn Ruangwanich
5802641414 5802641752
Ajarn Krit Pattamaroj
5802641760 5802642107
Asst. Prof. Dr. Surat Teerakapibal
Student ID. No.
5702640011 5702640284
Asst. Prof. Wipada Tantiprabha
5702640292 5702640565
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Monvika Phadoongsitthi
5702640573 5702640847
Asst. Prof. Somchai Supphatada
5702640854 5702641126
Asst. Prof. Dr. Suntichai Kotcharin
5702641134 5702641399
Asst. Prof. Dr. Pattana Boonchoo
5702641407 5702641662
Dr. Monthon Sorakraikitikul
Student ID. No.
5602640012 5602640277
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kobkaew Ratanaubol
5602640285 5602640541
Asst. Prof. Dr. Orapan Yolrabil
5602640558 5602640814
Asst. Prof. Dr. Kulaya Jantadej
5602640822 5602641077
Asst. Prof. Obrom Chaowalerd
5602641085 5602641333
Dr. Arunee Tanvisuth
5602641341 5602641598
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aurathai Lertwannawit